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From Our Farm to Your Table


Support Local Farming

We run a local family farm in LaGrangeville, NY.    We believe that food should be grown     responsibly, locally, and taste delicious.

Our farm specializes in growing highly nutritious microgreens using organic and sustainable growing practices. 100% of our  greens are delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

Our microgreens are grown clean in soil or coir in a controlled environment where no pollution or pesticides ever touch them.


We provide microgreens to local restaurants, markets, and anyone wanting the finest quality varieties of microgreens.  Our harvest cycle is measured in days, not months.  We harvest daily regardless of the season.  Since we grow year-round, we are able to offer a constant supply of fresh, delicious greens that have increased shelf-life over non-local suppliers. We offer free local delivery and a local subscription service.

       Store Hours

Monday         9am-4pm

Tuesday        9am-4pm

Wednesday  CLOSED

Thursday      10am-6pm

Friday            9am-3pm

Saturday       CLOSED

Sunday          CLOSED

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